Programm 2019

14th Clinical Research Forum in Zürich

Technologies and robotics for therapy

Saturday, 2019 November 2nd, 9.15–16 Uhr

During the last decade, many different technologies varying from apps that can be installed on your mobile phone up to complex and expensive rehabilitation robots have been developed to assist therapists in treating patients. These technologies are intended to serve several purposes, such as alleviating the work of the therapist, providing more movement repetitions to increase the dosage of therapy or engage patients more intensive to improve compliance.

The development of these technologies has evolved exponentially and therapists are nowadays
more and more confronted with them in their daily work. Moreover, patients are more and more aware of new technologies and ask therapists about their opinion. The acceptance of technologies to include them in the therapy program is increasing, but there is still a lot of work to do considering the scientific evidence on the efficacy and effectiveness and for successfully integrating and applying such technologies daily. This year, the Clinical Research Forum has invited three speakers who have
made their experiences with technologies. They will talk about the challenges when integrating technologies, how therapists should use such technologies wisely, and what efforts are being undertaken to prepare therapists to use such technologies within their therapy.

To discuss this subject, three exciting key lectures and two workshops with practical application have been prepared:

Presentations and key note speakers

Clinical Integration of Rehabilitation technologies - from stand-alone solutions to ecosystems
Oliver Stoller, PhD, PT, Manager Digital Health, VAMED Schweiz AG, Zihlschlacht-Sitterdorf

The importance of new technologies in education of therapists
Dr. med. Verena Klamroth, lecturer in rehabilitation technologies, Department of occupational therapy, ZHAW, Winterthur

Why physiotherapists can't trade in their brain for technology
Martina Spiess, PhD, PT, senior scientific affairs manager, Hocoma AG, Volketswil


Relevanz der passiven glenohumeralen Beweglichkeit für die globale Flexion
Marc Enzler, Stv. Leiter Physiotherapie/Teamleiter Schulter & Ellbogen und Linda Dyer, Fachverantwortung Skoliose, Physiotherapie, Universitätsklinik Balgrist, Zürich

Demo von verschiedenen Robotergeräten (Grail/Float etv.)
PD Dr. Marc Bolliger und Linard Filli, PhD, Forschung Paraplegie, Universitätsklinik Balgrist, Zürich


Huub van Hedel, University Children's Hospital, Rehabilitation Center Affoltern am Albis
Martin Verra, Department of physiotherapy, Inselgruppe, Bern University Hospital


Arranged through:  Foundation for Physiotherapy Science
Local organizer:      Balgrist University Hospital


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